Compressors And Airlines Installations & Services

Here at Anikcor Installations we serve our customers with compressors that allow for premium performance and helps them be more productive and serve their customers better.

We supply equipment with what are regarded world class compressed air technologies. We understand our clients businesses full well and the pressure to perform in a performance driven industry. Therefore , every customer receives a unique quotation according to the immediate needs of his workshop.

We are able to service and install the following compressor types:

Portable air Compressors.

  • Garage mate.
  • Oil-lubricated twin-stack.
  • Two-stage gas-powered.
  • Wheelbarrow.
  • Petrol driven.
  • Diesel driven.


Stationary Air Compressors.

  • Compressed natural gas.
  • Electro-driven duplex.
  • Electro-driven single stage.
  • Electro-driven two stage.
  • Vacuum pumps.
  • Piston air compressor.
  • Screw air compressor.

Accompanying this state of the art equipment are top-of-the-line airline systems.

NOSA standards color coded air lines.

We take pride in installing airlines that are not only tidy but designed in a way to provide you with the most efficient and productive airline to suit your workshop and productivity needs. All installations are carried out to the highest of quality and tailored to your needs. By calculating flow rates and distance we can maximize the efficiency of your installation. A properly considered and balanced airline network can have dramatic effects on the performance of a compressed air system. At Anikcor installations we custom design each and every airline network to suit the application intended for its use.

We also stock a range of fittings and bends to ensure the best looking installation, not only can we do poly pipe but also copper and galvanized pipe completely welded with compression fittings. Supplying compressed air to machinery, workstations, spray booths or wherever compressed air is required, we use a variety of air piping acoording to customer needs which meets ISO 9001 standards.

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