Oil Monitoring Systems Installations & Servicing.

OilWatch Monitoring Systems

Supplied by Permex, we use two different systems that are available in the OilWatch II family. Both have been designed to improve the efficiency and profitability of automotive workshop operations and to give industrial sites a product that protects their investment, reduces spillage, stock loss and employee theft. This unit has an automated warning system with accurate stock control monitor for when oil levels are low.


Compact OilWatch.

As a standalone  system, the Compact OilWatch is perfect for small to medium sized workshop operators. Included is an alpha-numeric keypad or a loop tag login system is also available. The unit controls up to 8 outlets simultaneously where different grades of fluid could be accommodated.

PC OilWatch

This is a networked system that’s perfect  for medium to large workshops with full management control from the office PC. It operates 99 keypads with ease, each running 8 outlets that are able to draw product from 20 different tanks. Clear displays allow for quick and easy input of data. It’s possible to set up to 4 prompt inputs eg. Job No., Registration No., Fleet No. and technician No.

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