Roll Over Car Wash Systems

The rollover car wash system offers a superior touch-free wash in less time with lower operating and maintenance costs, a minimum of downtime and effective merchandising upgrades. higher revenues with lower costs is a real deal clincher. Because of its many features and options, you can customize a rollover car wash system to meet the needs of your location.

You may require the same high reliability but put out a lower volume. A smaller model leverages the proven technology of our high-end models to provide best-in-class speed and operating costs. It’s an ideal choice for sites that need a proven, cost-effective wash that is reliable and easy to maintain.

A gentler car wash system incorporates state-of-the-art technology with high-reliability components and modern design. The attractive appearance of these machines promises what your customers want: freshness, cleanliness and gentle car care delivering exactly what your clients require. Large red and green signal lights help ensure proper vehicle position with a variety of wash programs provide the customer the choice of service options they want and keeps them coming back.

Your turn.

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