Tyre Equipment Installations & Services

Taking great care of your tires is imperative for your vehicle and tire life. It assists you in being prepared for all terrain conditions, including on road and off road conditions, from sand, gravel and mud, to bitumen. Proper tire maintenance is essential for all road conditions, to get better traction, tire life and intimately, a better ride.

Our customers understand that greater control over braking, steering and speed adds up to improved safety, improved fuel economy. We install and service tire equipment that allows for improved job scheduling, little downtime and optimum satisfaction to their customers.

We supply the following equipment.

  • Tyre Changers.
  • Wheel Balancers.
  • Changer and Balancer Packages.
  • Tyre Shop Starter Packs.
  • Mobile Tyre Fitting Packages.
  • Tyre Changer & Balancer Options.
  • Wheel Aligners.
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